3 Ways To Coax Website Visitors To Take Action

With summer months tending to be slower for some business owners, now is the perfect time to comb through your website. Tackling your website one page at a time will allow you to catch errors, out-of-date information, and to apply improvements you’ve been thinking about launching.

One area that always needs attention is your “Call to Action” pushes. Are your website visitors being given a clear action step? People are much more likely to take action if you make the decision easy for them, so don’t be shy to tell them what to do next. Here are some ideas:

  • Call now… (or) Email now…
    • … to schedule your appointment!
    • … for a free consultation!
    • … to reserve your seat!
    • … to talk to an expert!
  • Fill out the online form below!
  • Subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive…
    • … great deals!
    • … coupons!
    • … a free ebook about ()!
    • … valuable information about ()!
  • Watch the video…
  • Like our Facebook page to…
  • Follow our Twitter page to…
  • Join by such-and-such date (people love dates and numbers) and receive…

Be persuasive in your writing, and make sure your new Call To Action accomplishes three goals:

  1. Highlight that there are no obligations. Alert website visitors that there is a benefit in it for them and (hopefully) for no cost.
  2. Add a sense of urgency. Press that they shouldn’t wait, or put an expiration on your offer if it’s a special deal! Leave them with no reason NOT to take you up on your fantastic offerings.
  3. Finally, give them a link to follow, a button to click, a form to fill out, or some other easy commitment.

Here’s an example:

Did you know Website GURL offers free website consultations? Join the expert for an hour of great brainstorming and planning, for FREE! SIGN UP TODAY to meet and discuss your goals!

(See what I did there? Yeah, very clever, I know. 😉 By the way, the statement above is true, so don’t be shy to call me at 443-340-6317 or email me at info@websitegurl.com.)

Evaluate your website regularly, and test out your new ideas. It’s ok to change it up, or to try something new. Who knows, you may stumble across an approach that is pretty amazing.


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