And then they said… “I want to maintain my website by myself… without you!”

Everyone wants to manage their website in-house these days, and they “need it to be easy”. I say go for it friend! That’s what I like to do – set you on a path of self-empowering success… but I must warn you about the comfort zone first.

I helped a loved client revamp their website (just another Website Development Day with Website GURL 😉  ). We used a really popular platform with a great, extensive back-end that is going to give them great capabilities. Some concerns were voiced, and, I get it, completely.

Let’s reflect… it’s memory time…

Do you remember the first time you used an email account? Or the first time you used MySpace or Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? How about the first time you used a Smart Phone… or an iPad? Remember some painful Windows updates? UGH! Each one of these was outside of each of our comfort zones to some point, I’m certain of that.

A website can’t be made with the flip of a switch or a magical POOF. It takes time, and effort, and a tool(s) and/or program(s) (likely both) to get the job done professionally. There will very likely always be portions of your website development and maintenance that you will never touch, even if your site is “completely maintained in-house”. And that’s ok. You’re a business, and you need a professional end product that reflects that. That’s why most of us don’t hire so-and-so’s cousin who just completed Web Design 101 to build our website. (Are you blushing because you did? That’s ok, we’ve all been there!)

I’ve been a little un-eased lately… I started a podcast with two other business colleagues (more details coming soon!). Was I comfortable? HECK NO! I even resisted a little (sorry girls for that). Now, with their guidance, and encouragement, and my willingness to give it a try, I’m excited. I see the perks and the potential! And I must say, going outside the comfort barriers feels real real good!

My point is, anything new is uncomfortable. It’s NEW, right? So it’s not supposed to ALL be easy. What completely brand new way of doing something (or doing it for the first time) is comfortable? It’s completely ok. The trick is being open and relaxed, and not being too un-eased to give it a try.

If you’ve felt uneasy recently, maybe you should give yourself a little pat on the back, because it means you are growing and expanding your abilities and your savvy brain. So GO YOU!

So what hurdle can I help you with to overcome your fears?
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