Growth is about REFLECTION

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I watched an webinar on creating contact forms that will win clients over, led by Feyisola Ogunfemi, and a segment after her talk she mentioned reflection. She talked about using every client interaction as an opportunity to reflect on what … Continued

Spread the WORD… but how?

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Earlier this week, one of my friends called to pick my brain. She is a part of an artistic group called the Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour (please click to go learn more about them – what an awesomely talented local … Continued

SEO – What Doesn’t Work & Why “Gaming the System” is a BIG NO-NO!!!

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, there are good techniques and bad. Bad techniques will hurt your presence significantly. What does NOT work? Building thousands of low-quality links. Commenting on web pages and other sites. Mass link submission tools. Article spinners. … Continued

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