Harvest App has made my invoicing and billing life so much easier!!!

When my friend and client Rick (of Carrollton Partners) told me about Harvest exactly one year ago, I was currently trying to figure out how I was going to begin tracking my own time, billable hours, and invoices (paid and unpaid) for the start of my new venture, Website GURL. It’s daunting to think about the necessary organization skills for this part of a business. Well, I have to thank Rick EVERY time I see him, because Harvest has been an amazing relief of pressure.

Harvest has more capabilities that I am using, but what I use is far more valuable than the subscription I pay. I save my client contact information, track my time on individual projects and their related clients, I send out my invoices via email, receive payments online, and have a crazy easy way to keep track of who’s caught up and who’s behind. The system even sends auto reminders to clients who may have missed their invoice. And since the app is online, I can use it from my desktop, my tablet, or my phone, anywhere I have an internet connection.

Try Harvest for yourself!! I’m including my referral link if you don’t mind using it, I do benefit, but please know I’m recommending Harvest because it has made my work life so much easier, and I only recommend things that I think will make my followers happy too!

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