Have something you’ve been wanting to learn more about?

That’s where the idea for “Pick My Brain” came from.

Pick My Brain was made just for YOU.

Schedule 30-Minutes or 60-Minutes for an educational or training session on a topic of your choosing. We can accomplish a specific goal, or use the time as a catchall for your many questions. Whatever the case may be, I believe in sharing and passing on knowledge. The more we all know, the more successful we can be together!

You have many options to pick my brain. Which one is right for you?
  1. Call Me
  2. Skype Me
  3. Your Office (*60-Minute Only)
  4. Lunch Date (*60-Minute Only)

Before you book:

 Search my blog posts for your questions,
because I may have already shared the answer.

Check out the BLOG!

 Contact me about your interests to first make
sure I’m the right expert for your needs.

Contact Me


60-Minute Session | $99.95

Join me for a fun and informational conversation about whatever you want! We can meet by phone, Skype, at your office, or over lunch (my treat).


30-Minute Session | $49.95

If you simply have some smaller needs to cover, we can talk about quite a bit in 30 minutes. A phone or Skype chat is perfect for this session.