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 “Website Development Day” Service 

With the “Website Development Day” approach, you and I sit together to build or revise/update your website together, using one of many great online platforms that offer pre-designed and customization templates. This approach for web development and support is perfect especially for small websites and start-ups because it is affordable with a quick turn-around, and a great way to learn how to manage your website updates in-house. WDD’s are available in 1/2-day and full-day segments.


 Ongoing Website Support 

No matter the site, everyone needs revisions from time to time. I offer affordable website maintenance. Just shoot over your revisions and I’ll have your site updated quickly. Is your current web guy lacking in response time? I can help!


 Visitor Tracking & Analytics 

If you’re paying extra for visitor data, you shouldn’t. I integrate Google Analytics into all of my website projects. Google Analytics is free and AMAZING. I’ll hook you up!


 One-on-One Training 

Share-The-Knowledge is my motto. I call these Pick My Brain sessions. Let me answer all of your questions, or guide you through using email marketing, social media, or whatever you wish to master!


 Email Marketing 

Email marketing allows you to consistently leave an impression on your contacts with reminders about your services, products, specials, and events. I can assist you with account set up, importing of your contact lists, designing master templates, drafting real email campaigns, and scheduling emails.

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 Social Media Support 

Set up Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social media accounts, paying close attention to security, quality content, and professional quality graphics and photos. I am happy to help you with business account or personal accounts, to give you a cutting edge.


 Search Engine Optimization 

Organic SEO is what Search Engines use to rank your website in online search results. Learning the best practices of online marketing and link building will set you and your team up for a successful online presence that draws your target clients in to view your website. Together we can expand your digital footprint to strengthen your online presence.


 Graphics Development 

Your graphic design can tie all the elements of your business’ marketing material together. Can I help you with layouts for your print materials? I often help clients with Business Cards, Post Cards, Brochures, Flyers, and Ads for Print.



Photography was one of my first passions, and it pairs perfectly with web design and marketing. I offer corporate and consumer portraiture, stock photography, and product photography, among other genres. Contact me to learn more, or visit my website at www.kellyheckphotography.com.

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